Escorts agencies luring students

Men have shown interest without doubt in younger Women. Awareness of this tendency in men by women should be maximally reflected in terms of mate value in younger women compared to older women.

Prostitution has been  recorded across  all cultures and historical epochs.

Clearly, prostitute and Calgary escorts engage in casuals uncommitted sex but they are rewarded by men who are willing to pay for such services. Often referred to as the “oldest profession”, prostitution has been recorded in all cultures and across all historical epochs.

The reason why women offer more sexual services frequently than men may also be the reason due to higher obligatory parental investment that focuses more attention on wealth in men.


Men’s universal preoccupation with youth and physical attractiveness in women (espoused by evolutionary psychologists as reflecting evolved attraction to cues revealing fertility and reproductive value) has been revealed by exploring studies, for example, body-shape, age preferences advertised in personal ads.

It is argued that these features are clear indications of age and fertility.


Eye tracking procedure found that men paid particular attention to the breast of womens body more than any other part.


Impact of internet on boys and sex workers

The internet is a platform where individuals meet both romantic and sexual partners. As of 2015, more than 54 millions singles in the USA have started online dating.


However, as the internet is developing so quickly, it is no surprise that market such as pornography and solicitation of sex for payment have become more accessable. 


Indeed, in relation to the market of illegal goods, prostitution was one of the first of these market to develop online. And has continued to grow as a means for advertising sexual service.


Ofcourse, the simplest explanation for men buying sex is that they like it. After all people are willing to pay for activities the enjoy as much as they do sex.

Conversely, a man can usually get sex for free in the context of an ordinary intimate relationship.


The decision to make prostitution as an “employment skill” is a green light for pimps to populate brothels to meet the increased male demand for the prostitution of the most vulnerable women.


The use of websites by both prostitutes and potential customers has changed the nature of traditional street walking prostitution, including the sharing of information of potential police investigations in order to minimise the risk of arrest.


What is prostitution?

Prostitution is a type of sex work which involves granting the client direct sexual access to the prostitute’s body. This may involve full-fledged sexual intercourse, but even if it does not, it differ from sex shows. For example, in that it normally provides sexual satisfaction to the client through direct physical contact of some sort.


Moreover, the provision of such service is relatively indiscriminate: just like any other type of service, within certain limits, anybody willing to pay the price asked will be accepted as a client.


Prostitution is thriving and continuing to grow through the use of the Internet for marketing to new clients and avoiding detection by law enforcement.


Notably, law enforcement has the capacity only to target the most egregious cases of exploitation with a primary focus on sex trafficking and minors.